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Unlumited is founded and driven by light- and lighting technology enthusiasts with many years of experience in the industry. Unlumited stands for Unlimited, United and Lumen. We unite the components, to create the desired luminous effect with Unlimited possibilities.

Our growing team of 15 people wants to make a difference by offering exceptional flexibility and end-to-end solutions with custom configurations. We look further than products- we think in optimised quality solutions that last.

With our production and assembly line in the Netherlands, we can compile product configurations that meets the customer’s wishes and demands. As every application and its requirements can differ, we offer the tools to seamlessly match and integrate the lighting solution.

We closely follow the progressive industry and specialised in dynamic light solutions and controls. Every day we are being inspired and gain energy from the best light source possible- daylight! Light can do far more than solely create visibility. That is why we integrate the positive elements of daylight into our products!

Where we are

Unlumited is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands, close to the Amsterdam airport.

How we work

Professionals can rely on Unlumited as a highly specialized, flexible partner for all their lighting needs. We offer one-stop quality solutions to lighting consultants, wholesale lighting distributors, audiovisual companies and other companies for whom quality lighting is a key element. We work closely with our partners, making it a team effort to provide the best possible service and result for the customer.

Anyone who is interested in the stunning possibilities of innovative lighting technology, is welcome to contact us to check whether we can offer you the solution you are looking for. From the right product to a comprehensive solution, we and our partners are at your side to enlighten every step of the road!

Our solutions

Every solution is only successful insofar as it fulfils the needs of its user. Quality lighting and custom-built, intuitive, extensive control options are often ambitious challenges that require an expert eye. Unlumited is your reliable partner in realising the lighting solutions you desire. Together with our associates, we provide specialised knowledge and the best service, offering you a one-stop solution that is much more than the sum of its parts!

Unlumited produces products that are custom configured, from light source to power connection! Whether it is starting from scratch, renovation or integrating and optimising a current setup, we will make it happen.

The know-how we use to produce our own products, can be used to find solutions for enlighting, controlling, dimming, improvement and even troubleshooting for those who could use our support.

Our brands

Unlumited is home of the brands Luxento, Zen-Lite and Clear.
These strong brands represent the elements that complement innovative lighting solutions.
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Dynamic functional lighting
Wireless control solutions
Dynamic contour lighting
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