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When is a fixture suited for outdoor use?

Using an indoor fixture outdoors without any further thought will almost never work out. Most people would agree on that.…

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Here’s Wallo

You can spend weeks naming your new product, or it can be decided in an instant. We could have brainstormed…

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This is how waterproof our lighting solutions are

We’ve talked about the patents Clear uses in its contour lighting a few weeks ago. Three of these are used…

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A watertight plan

How waterproof is waterproof? That almost sounds like an existential question, but it's important to check lighting that says it's…

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Flexing with patents

This blog is quite literally just a way to flex with the patents that Clear Lighting uses for the contour…

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The preconditions of good contour lighting

Contour lighting sounds a lot more professional than ‘a LED strip’, but it’s basically the same product. With the emphasis…

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Shape a brighter future with our Lycrea-XL

A line is straightforward by definition, but this doesn't mean you can't get creative with it. At Unlumited, we put…

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Grand design with our Manta

Our new architectural downlight range, the Manta, takes its name from the giant manta ray, the largest of its species.…

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The magic Archiball

Architectural lighting allows you to highlight or accentuate the design of a building or space. With our Archiball you put…

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The art of architectural lighting

Architectural lighting is an entirely separate category within our industry. It has to be a perfect fusion between form and…

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The CLEAR difference between LED strips

Everyone has a LED strip stuck behind their tv cabinet or mirror these days. Even in the professional world of…

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6 reasons why Bluetooth Mesh is the way to go

At Unlumited we are always looking for innovation. What technological developments can we use to come up with beautiful new…

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