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Opala Remote 250 / 400
Date: 15 April 2024
Description: The Opala 250 & 400 are flat ambient fixtures and suitable for both ceiling- and wall mounting. The luminaires are splashproof (IP44) and therefore suitable for use in damp areas and outside under a canopy. The Opala 400 has a switch that allows to set the light output (1500lm-2000lm-2400lm). The Opala family also includes new versions with an adjustable microwave sensor. The setting can be made with a separate remote control. Very easy as the installer does not have to climb on the ladder to open the fixture and do the settings. The fixtures communicate with each other through a RF-mesh signal. Thus it is possible to create the same function as the wireless ‘master-slave’ concept.
Item no: 70.51A.10000

Light technical specifications

Mechanical specification

Material housing: Polycarbonate
Colour housing: White
Length: 140mm
Width: 45mm
Height: 18mm
Weight: 0,096kg

Electrotechnical specification

General specifications

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