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A Clear case of collaboration

Together with our partner Axioma Lighting Nederland, we provided a fitting and lasting lighting solution for the pond next to…

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Lighting Trends part 2

Trends come and go, just like daylight, but some are here to stay. We’d like to shine a light on…

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Lighting Trends part 1

Trends come and go, just like daylight, but some are here to stay. In the next two weeks we are…

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Ambiance at the press of a button

The new office building of ERP Trading B.V. has a clean yet bold industrial look. But that doesn’t rule out…

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Customize your product with our new configurator

We’re proud to present you our brand new configurator: a tool which allows you to customize Musa series. With just…

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Mixing and matching the style of a rebuilt restaurant

The lights are back on at Kaat Mossel in Rotterdam. After a devastating fire forced the restaurant to close at…

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Project: Rots Maatwerk

We’re proud of all our projects, but when our work is on full display, well, that just makes us even…

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Better save than be sorry

What if we told you your clients can save on their energy bills by replacing their current lighting with a…

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Human Centric Lighting takes center stage at our office

We’ve talked about Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and its potential to forever change the way we think of artificial lighting.…

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How to check for LED strip quality

LED strips are such fascinating pieces of lighting technology, but they have a bad reputation because of cheap variants clogging…

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Let’s talk about LED strips

You’ve heard of LED strips, right? In every person’s life there comes a moment when you ask yourself the following…

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