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One of our recent projects towers above all else. Literally in this case. Our contour lighting was used as part of the renovation of the Wienerberger chimney in Tegelen. The result is the ‘Lichtbaken van Venlo’, an iconic LED-driven work of art that aims to tell stories from the environment through a light installation.

Lichtbaken van Venlo is an idea of ​​artists Suzanne Berkers and Yvonne Rooding. By providing the chimney with LED strips, 32 in total, the tower is able to light up in the evening to become a beacon for Venlo and the surrounding area. The chimney is located at a point where the A73 and A74 highways converge, so there’s a lot of traffic passing by.

Our partner SmartLight provided the advice, installation and programming of the contour lighting that we supplied. The LED strips can be operated separately and can be adjusted both in color and intensity via a mobile app. The idea is that the lighting of the chimney can quickly adapt to current events, such as a yellow glow when VVV Venlo wins, or full orange when every King’s Day.

The renovation was partly funded by the local government of Venlo, but the rest of the money was raised through sponsorship, donations and crowdfunding. We are glad the chimney was saved from being demolished, and that it is now a showpiece of the beauty and versatility of LED lighting

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