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The corridors of a hospital aren’t the most vital part, but it is absolutely necessary to have a well designed hallway that connects every part in a logical and efficient way. If the hospital is a living organism, then the corridors are its major arteries. It’s important for these corridors to be well lit 24/7. That’s why our AVALON was chosen to illuminate the hallways of the Maasstad hospital in Rotterdam.

We provided our lighting partner INIZIO with the AVALON Rondo, a special model of our staple LED panel that has a circular aperture. The assignment was to create a replacement lighting solution that came as close to the existing fixtures as possible, and they had a round opening for the light to shine through.

With our AVALON Rondo, INIZIO was able to replace the fixtures without having to make adjustments to the installation. Thanks to our Zen-Lite control solution, the lighting is automatically adjusted based on the time of day, be it day or night. A smart daylight sensor leads to even more energy savings.

That’s the power of our products. We provide easy-to-install, smart lighting solutions that can be (retro)fitted in existing installations. Replacing outdated fixtures still requires an investment of time and money, but at least we can make it as smooth of an operation as possible for your clients.

Want to know everything there is to know about the AVALON? Take a look at our product sheet. If you want to see more of our work, check out some of our other project cases.

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