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How waterproof is waterproof? That almost sounds like an existential question, but it’s important to check lighting that says it’s waterproof. Because if a little water can get in, it’s not completely waterproof. To make sure that Clear’s contour lighting is actually waterproof, they make us of three patented techniques.

The first one is DryWire™. If you are dealing with water or a humid environment during lighting, then there’s always the problem of so-called capillarity. Water is being sucked in and slowly creeps up to the LED strip. With the DryWire system, the connection cable of the strip is literally cut in half and provided with an extra sleeve in the middle that is completely sealed tight. This makes it impossible for moisture to reach all the way to the part where the wire connects to the LED strip.

The second technology is called InsulFit™. With other brands, the area around the connector is made watertight after the fact, with silicone glue or heat shrink tubing. With Insulfit there is already a silicone layer on the connector, which automatically seals and waterproofs the led strip as soon as it is connected. The advantage is that this is less prone to errors and also easier and faster to install. As an installer, you don’t have to do anything with glue or shrink tubing.

The last precaution against moisture and dirt is C-mask™. This is a hydrophobic finishing layer with which the LED strip is treated. Hydrophobic means that water will slide off on its own. It also protects against fine dirt particles. The layer ensures that these kind of particles cannot adhere to the strip. With housings made of PVC, the layer also offers additional protection against UV radiation. This radiation is very bad for the color rendering. If an LED strip does not have this, the material will become brittle and brownish over time, which also causes discoloration of the light.

These three patents ensure that Clear’s contour lighting can rightly be called waterproof. This is important not only outdoors, but also in places indoors where it’s humid and where there are fine particles in the air. In short: everywhere.

Would you like to know more about Clear contour lighting? Take a look at our product page.

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