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Unlimited is growing. Not only in absolute numbers, but also in the number of different projects we’re involved in. In 2023 we will extend our focus towards the architectural lighting market. Our brand new account manager Marvin will help us show the value of a personalized lighting solution in this market. Allow us to introduce him today.

“I have been working in the lighting industry for about fifteen years. Before this job I was mostly involved with the realization of the project. At Unlumited we mostly work on finding the best technical solution with lighting consultants, and don’t deal with the end user as much. I really wanted to get back to being able to leverage my passion for lighting.”

“I already worked with lighting back in my theater days. Even then I was already passionate about it. It’s a special thing that you can just create an entire setting with lighting.
If you take that line of thought to a commercial environment, it is very cool that you can deliver so much ambiance while still meeting the practical needs of the customer.”

“I always look at it from a technical point of view, because I am a technician at heart. I love coming up with ways to translate the customer’s needs and finding the right control solutions for the situation.”

Saying no to 9-to-5

“What I really like, and I particularly noticed this during the application procedure, is that Unlumited is full of experts. There’s just a lot of experience here and I think that’s cool to be around. There is a passion here to find the best solution together with our customers, in a transparent and honest way. It’s nice to see that in practice.”

“I still feel a bit of an entrepreneur here. My work always fluctuates throughout the day. I’ve always been used to that. A company that expects me to show up every day at 9:30 AM and leave at 5:00 PM doesn’t suit me as a person. I am someone who opens up my laptop at night to continue writing a business plan, just because I like it. There needs to be a work culture that allows for such flexibility and I certainly experience that here at Unlumited.”

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