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Remember when Bluetooth as a technology was just new and how special it was to see someone make a call with a wireless earpiece.

How the times have changed. Bluetooth has actually become more and more invisible over the years, but the technology is everywhere. In your phone, your computer, your headphones, your speaker, your TV. The technology has also become more and more advanced over the past 25 years, making it very suitable to be used in the lighting industry.

In fact, we think it’s the most robust, stable and most secure wireless technology that is on the market today. That’s all thanks to the so-called Mesh technology. As a result, a network can be set up with individual points that are able to communicate with multiple other points in the network. Think of it as a spider web, where each point is connected with several threads.

In the past, Bluetooth was ‘one to one’, which means that communication was one-way. You could only transmit data. Thanks to Bluetooth Mesh, you can now control an entire network of lighting at the push of a button. And this network continues to work, even if one of the connected fixtures breaks.

Imagine a lighting system in which tens, hundreds or even thousands of fixtures are connected via a single switch or app, with countless sensors and functionalities such as dimming and daylight centric lighting. And all of this without interference or delay. That’s what Bluetooth can do for your lighting. The technology may be invisible, but the opportunities are hard to ignore.

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