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An eye-catching project is meant to be shown. Especially when the end result perfectly matches the complex design. Working together with other people and partners is usually the key to success. The perfect lighting solution is only possible when all partners are involved in the design and realization of the project. From from the supplier to the subcontractor, and from the LED manufacturer to the lighting specialist.

That’s why we are very proud of this recent project for the Valley office and residential tower in Amsterdam. Rots Maatwerk and Axioma Lighting Nederland installed beautiful contour lighting from Clear on behalf of Speer Infra and the Gemeente Amsterdam.

Rots Maatwerk and Axioma Lighting developed the design into a plan that fully meets the demands of the client. Unlumited supplied them with custom-made light lines from our partner Clear.  The contour lighting was assembled in such a way that it was ready-to-install.

The light lines were integrated in several beautiful granite blocks, using stainless steel profiles designed and supplied by Rots Maatwerk. These were fitted in the indentations that had already been made in the granite.

The natural stone elements really come to life thanks to the contour lighting, even more so at night. Because of the way the light shines, it makes it look as though some of the granite blocks are floating. We can look back on another beautiful project that was made possible because of great cooperation.

Want to see more of our lighting at work? Feel free to take a look at our project page.

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