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Client: The VEN Amsterdam

Partners: Rots Maatwerk

Products used: Approximately 100 meters of F22E RGBW Clear contour light lines (silicone version)

Rots Maatwerk has asked us to provide a sustainable lighting solution for the water staircase of the VEN complex, located at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The illuminated staircase is part of VEN’s larger play on colors and fits very well into the whole aesthetic.

This project is a prime example of the full-service proposition that UNLUMITED offers together with our partners. From idea to realization and from the construction to maintenance phase.

We always put the client’s wishes center stage. But it is up to us to give the best advice, make the right considerations and deliver tailor-made solutions. In this way we ensure a smooth installation and pave the way for an easy-to-maintain installation. This way we can promise clients truly sustainable solutions.

In this case it concerned an underwater application, so the LED strips used were equipped with water seals, which, for example, prevent moisture from entering through the cabling. The strips are resistant to the most common types of water used outdoors in swimming pools or fountains. In addition, they have a dirt-resistant and hydrophobic outer casing, so that less dirt can adhere. This makes maintenance easier. This ensures a long lasting solution that is both beautiful and robust.

The strips were custom made for this project. Everything was tested and checked beforehand. This approach saves time during installation and increases reliability, because we can rule out any on the fly adjustments on site. That is why we always offer a minimum warranty of 5 years, even on these types of demanding applications.

The client also expressed the desire to retain as many parts of the existing lighting solution as possible. We reused the existing controls, because they were still in good condition and our products are compatible with them.

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