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As experts in lighting we are always happy to assist with brand new construction projects. It’s easier to paint on an empty canvas. If we are being involved from the start of the building process, we can integrate our lighting solutions to fit both the needs of the client and the function(s) of the building. But that doesn’t mean renovation is something we don’t care for. On the contrary.

Renovation makes up the largest slice of our ‘market’. On top of that, it forces us to come up with innovative lighting solutions. How do we line up design choices made in the past with all the present needs, to create a lighting solution that is fit for the future? That’s why the theme of our blogs for the coming weeks is: going from renovation to innovation. Today we are starting with the most important question: why is it so important to renovate? And what can Unlumited do for your clients when it comes to renovation?

We’ll be digging deeper into this subject in the coming weeks, so be sure to check our website or LinkedIn page every now and then. We’ll be talking about renovation in light of energy savings and regulation, building up to the transition from renovating to innovating. Because if you are taking the time and effort to modernize a building, it shouldn’t be behind the times again as soon as it’s finished. With our innovative lighting products and technology, you can be sure that your clients building will be future proof.

We’re not just saying that. It’s in our DNA, and therefore in everything we make and do. Our products are all modular, for example, which means that we can provide individual parts. That way you don’t have to replace all fixtures when renovating a building, just the parts that need an update. If you do need completely new fixtures, we also sell complete packages. We even offer adapter rings, to ensure that our fixtures fit. They are also equipped with air slots, as not to block existing air filtering systems.

These are just some examples of the way we keep our lighting renovations as non-invasive as possible. We don’t want to force any unnecessary costs upon your clients. In fact, we view renovation as a way to reduce costs in the future. But more about that next week!

Want to know more about our renovation techniques? Feel free to contact us.

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