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Our new architectural downlight range, the Manta, takes its name from the giant manta ray, the largest of its species. This product isn’t seven meters tall, but it’s not small either. We were just impressed by how such a large animal can still be so elegant. That’s why we decided to name our new product after it. Despite its size, our Manta is perfectly capable of blending in with the architecture, because it is quite stylish.

The Manta is available in black or white and has a fine surface structure. The diffuser is microprismatic, which means that the light beam does not cause glare. This also ensures optimal lighting comfort. The Manta has a thin design, which means that the fixture can be mounted seamlessly on a wall or against the ceiling. Our product is also available with various accessories to allow it to be suspended from the ceiling or above a table.

The most commonly used variant has a diameter of 60 centimeters, with a color temperature of 3000 or 4000K. We can also supply a smaller size of 40 cm, or go even larger with a diameter of 80 cm/100 cm. All Manta products are dimmable and can be equipped with smart functionalities on request.

Want to know more about the Manta? Then watch the product video below.


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