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You can spend weeks naming your new product, or it can be decided in an instant. We could have brainstormed on this one forever, but why would we? Sometimes it’s just as simple as the Wallo, a new fixture to mount to the wall.

The Wallo is available in two different versions. The square version has both a downlight and an uplight function. The version with the semicircular shape has a light beam on one side only. Whether you use it as a downlight or as an uplight is up to you or the client.

Both versions have a black powdered coating and an IP65-rating. This makes the Wallo suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can even withstand heavy rain, provided it is mounted against a facade wall. For the lamps, we use easily replaceable  GU-10 LEDs

The Wallo already fits many interiors or exteriors because of its powdered coating, but can be further integrated into the architectural design thanks to our Zen-Lite smartbulbs. With these you can easily choose the right color temperature for the light, whether it is warm white or a little colder. Walls often have different finishing colors. Warm white looks much better on a brick wall, while cool white looks better on a black or dark wall. On a white wall you can even experiment with all kinds of different colors of light.

Want to know the exact specifications of the Wallo? You can find these in our product configurator.

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