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As of October last year, the team at UNLUMITED is even bigger and stronger! Account manager Natascha Chantrel has joined our ranks with her knowledge and experience within the high-end lighting market. She travels a lot as part of her job, but we managed to get her for a short interview.

“My father had several furniture stores for many years. As a result, I came into contact with design at a very young age. During school holidays I always worked in my father’s shops. After I finished my education, I immediately began working at Siegers Lichtgroep in Rotterdam. There I was trained by a very experienced lighting architect. After a few intermediate steps in the residential sector and later in high-end decorative lighting, I am now at UNLUMITED.”

“It is important for me to be challenged. In lighting you always discover new possibilities and you can really make a difference for clients. UNLUMITED is a company with a focus on innovation. Thanks to our own assembly department in Haarlem, real innovation can take place. During my job interview I quickly discovered that they are not only very nice people, but that they all share the same passion for the profession.”

“If you’ve always been in the high-end market, like me, then quality is very important. And that you take the time to really cooperate with the client to create a great project. Among our colleagues there is a lot of technical expertise. We even have our own testing laboratory in the office, so that we can be sure that our lighting does exactly what we promise. This is a company that goes above and beyond.”

New markets

“UNLUMITED as a brand has been on the market for a number of years now, but we are going to expand it further. For example, the products and solutions we offer are very interesting for landscape architects. Think of Luxurious gardens, swimming pools. We are also increasingly focusing on the hospitality industry (catering and hotels).

You can go all out there with the lighting we have. In that respect, there are still plenty of interesting clienteles to discover. ”

“My house is also furnished with care. I worked as an interior designer for a few years and I regularly made lighting plans. So I have incorporated many different light applications into my own interior. My husband jokingly said at one point: “Don’t we have enough lighting?” But secretly he thinks it’s wonderful. Good lighting in an interior means so much! The home automation system completes it. That also gives a comfortable and luxurious feeling.”

“My experience as an interior designer allows me to level creatively with architects. I am especially a fan of beautiful and practical design. As a result, I am not always specifically seen as sales, although I am of course. But ultimately we look at how we can really help people with the best solution. That’s what I like best about working here. We certainly live up to the name UNLUMITED Lighting Solutions.”

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