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Financials will definitely come up when discussing whether to renovate a building or not. Unfortunately these necessary costs often lead to the whole thing being called off. We think that’s such a shame, because often it can lead to cost savings as well. All thanks to the power of LED lighting.

If you ask us, we are on the verge of a new era. Ten years ago a lot of people were still quite skeptical when it came to LED lighting. Does it last? Isn’t it way too expensive? What’s wrong with our current lighting solutions? Nowadays the market looks very different. LED has had time to prove itself and the benefits of this technology can no longer be denied. It’s more sustainable and saves energy. That’s why LED is the best choice going forward.

Of course it will always be a trade-off between price and durability. At Unlumited we are constantly being faced with this question. How do we keep our products affordable without sacrificing durability? As we said in our previous blog: we don’t want to force any unnecessary costs upon your clients. But we are convinced that cheap products will end up costing them more. Especially when it comes to LED lighting.

There are a number of LED technologies out there, but not all of them are good. We feel that we should always strive for the best technology and materials that are available. That way we can ensure that our products are long lasting (ten years instead of just two or three). We also have to make sure that other important specifications, such as the amount of light emitted and the color temperature of the lighting, stay up to par during the entire product lifespan. We can only do that by going for quality.

Quality comes at a higher price, but this initial investment during renovation can have large payoffs in the future. LED technology has developed in such a way that it can offer energy savings of up to 50 percent. And that’s just the technology itself. There’s also the added savings of smart lighting. By replacing the existing lighting with fixtures that are equipped with motion sensors, your clients will benefit from longer product lifespans and even more savings.

In our fourth and final blog post, we’ll be talking about the additional benefits of installing so called smart ready lighting. Next week’s post discusses the upcoming regulation regarding the energy efficiency of buildings and how it affects renovation plans. Because we are not the only ones who believe that there’s a lot to be gained when it comes to renovating. The European Union agrees!

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