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Our Zen-Lite control solutions have recently been expanded with a state-of-the-art sensor, the Zen-Lite 5-in-1. We developed this sensor to solve the most common control challenges related to automation, like daylight control and/or motion detection in rooms or aisles.

But you’re only allowed to call the product 5-in-1- if it actually combines five distinct functionalities. That’s why our new sensor also includes integrated HCL control function suitable for tunable white fixtures and human centric lighting applications in care homes or offices.

For hospitality and retail projects, the Zen-Lite sensor also offers a scene trigger function. With the free Zen-Lite app you can add and group lighting to your heart’s content and set different light scenes: for single color, tunable white or even RGB colored light. The scene trigger functionality ensures that these scenes will be switched to automatically at the right time, or via the push of a button.

With the Zen-Lite 5-in-1 sensor you are provided with all comforts and functionalities of wireless control, for the now and for the future. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our control solutions? Please contact us via

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