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Would your spaghetti bolognese look as tasty if it seemed a bit on the yellow side? And what would you say to the waiter if they served you a greyish steak? These sound like strange examples, but a lot can happen if the lighting of a restaurant doesn’t match the food on your plate.

This is especially important for places that are open throughout the day. Breakfast requires a comfortable but energizing ambiance, as opposed to dinner, where a more relaxed mood is more suitable.

In the business of hospitality, these things matter. A lot. Setting the right mood is essential. Customers need to feel welcome, whatever their purpose may be. If some office workers want to grab lunch to discuss business, a romantic setting will likely drive them straight towards one of your competitors. And don’t expect couples to have a nice evening in your restaurant if it looks like a factory floor.

What we’re saying is: you should be able to quickly adapt to each situation. With a dynamic lighting setup, that’s as easy as pressing a button. Literally. Our lighting solutions allow you to set the scene, choosing from predefined ambiances or adjusting it on the fly.

In the video at the top of this article, you can see exactly what that looks like. If you want to experience if for yourself, you are always welcome in our offices, where the Light Inspiration Center is situated. We are not equipped to cook you a full meal, but even so, you’ll still feel like you just walked into a restaurant.

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