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At Unlumited we offer products for every application, from standard jobs to very specific and prolific cases. A perfect example of this versatility is our MUSA series. A range of products that is pretty much suitable for anything, whether it is a standard application or a passion project.

We’ve often talked about the endless possibilities of a MUSA fixture. You can make thousands of variations. There are endless ways to customize the finish, the light output, the control options, and the way in which the fixture is integrated in the ceiling. You name it and we can customize it. And that is exactly what we want to do today in this blog. To name some of the options that you maybe haven’t heard of.

Did you know, for example, that we have a special installation frame for plastered ceilings? Normally you would see a ring that protrudes from the ceiling, but with this special frame the fixture is sunk into the ceiling. As a result, you actually only see the light source, and not the casing itself.

We also have an accessory made of glass to place between the rings of the fixture. If you have a recessed spot, you can create a kind of ambient effect with this glass piece. The light of the MUSA would normally only shine downwards, but if you put such a glass accessory in between, the whole fixture lights up and creates a beautiful effect.

And although our MUSA is known for its round shape, we also offer a square or rectangular frame. It’s important for us that we can meet the wishes of our clients. For functional lighting it is sufficient that the fixtures are reliable, but with architectural projects everything has to be just right. From the atmosphere that the light creates to the appearance of the fixtures.

There is no arguing about taste, which is why we want to offer a suitable configuration for every taste. Are you still looking for the perfect lighting solution? Please feel free to contact us or create your own ideal MUSA fixture in our product configurator.

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