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Lighting has to be functional, but that’s just the start. It can set the mood, accentuate details, and even put certain objects or items in the spotlight. This is especially important in a retail setting, where items on display have to draw and keep the attention of customers, luring them in and persuading them to spend money.

At Unlumited, we design our products specifically with these goals in mind. In the video below, you can see the difference that lighting makes. Our very own showroom takes center stage. Here, we’ve tried to simulate a retail setting to show visitors the effect lighting can have on the customer experience. That effect can’t be ignored, but it can be explained. That’s what we want to do in today’s blog post. But first, watch the video and look for yourself.

Everyone knows lighting is vital when creating a certain ambiance. You won’t feel warm and cozy at a Christmas dinner if there’s a bright light shining on your face and food. In a sense, retail stores have to deal with the same challenge. Products in a store are displayed to attract customers, but that only works when they look appealing. Without the proper lighting, items won’t get any attention. Or worse, customers might be put off by how the store makes them look and feel.

With many different products in a single store, there’s a need for tailor made lighting solutions that can be adjusted on the fly and over time, because collections go out of season and the assortment will change accordingly.  One product may require a warm spotlight, while others benefit more from cool, bright light. Even within the same product category, lighting may have wildly different effects. Take jewelry for example. Gold needs warm lighting, while silver requires cool.

The solution is simple: if different products demand for different light, the lighting needs to be customizable. Tunable white fixtures and a wireless control solution like our own Zen-Lite system, allows for a flexible approach. With the press of a few buttons, a retail employee can set the mood for the store, while also accentuating the products on display in a way that brings out their best qualities.

We’ll dig deeper into retail lighting in the coming weeks, but for now we’ll leave you with something to think about. As you probably know, lighting can change the way we perceive certain colors. Now imagine a clothing store, full of dresses, t-shirts, and sweaters, where the lighting distorts their true color. What a disaster that would be, right? Well, you’d be surprised how often those kinds of mistakes happen. But more about that in our next blog post!

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