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Contour lighting sounds a lot more professional than ‘a LED strip’, but it’s basically the same product. With the emphasis on basically, because as we’ve mentioned before, there are major differences in the quality of LED strips. For a few bucks you can buy yourself a LED strip to stick behind your TV for a decent backlight effect. Still, you can’t compare that to the contour lighting that we offer via our partner Clear Lighting.

We say it best on our product page: “To develop applications that do justice to quality products, Unlumited is a proud partner of Clear lighting, leading supplier of premium light lines for the most demanding applications: they provide maximum reliability, a long life span and a range of options that is unheard of..”

Do read our previous blog post about LED strips, in which we discuss the different levels of quality, but also their various functions. Lighting for use outside, for example, must meet different and more requirements than contour lighting for indoor use.

For architectural projects, it is especially important that the lighting is of high quality and performs consistently. If the light output starts to deviate after a few months, that’s just unacceptable. The architectural value lives of dies with the way it is perceived by our eyes, and lighting plays a determining factor in this. As a light architect, you have to be sure that the light output remains constant and consistently beautiful throughout its lifespan.

That is why Clear contour lighting incorporates a number of important technologies that guarantee both quality and consistency. The next few weeks we’ll highlight a number of these patented techniques, such as Pinboost and Twinflex. These inventions ensure that the contour lighting we offer is both flexible (in the literal sense of the word) and robust. Want to know more? Keep an eye on our website or LinkedIn or call us for advice.

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