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In November of last year we attended our first expo as an exhibitor. The Future Lighting expo was a huge personal success for us, but it also provided a glimpse into the future of lighting. We want to highlight three innovations that we’ll see a lot more of in the coming years.

1. Sensory overload

Motion and daylight sensors are quite common nowadays. It has been a trend for some time to provide lighting with more and more of these sensors. The more things they can detect, the smarter they become. The next step, as far as we’re concerned, is integrating a small camera in the fixture. We saw this application at the Future Lighting trade fair and it immediately captured our imagination.

The camera scans the environment and ‘looks’ as it were at what the lighting is aimed at, after which it automatically adjusts itself. If you aim it at blue jeans, the lighting will adjust in such a way that the color blue comes out best. If you hang a red t-shirt in front of it, the light changes again to a configuration in which the color red comes out better.

2. Going viral

Lighting is everywhere, as it should be. This creates opportunities for the lighting industry to integrate more and more functionalities in fixtures. This helps to conceal all this added technology in the walls or in the ceiling.

The newest functionality is that a special kind of light that can kill viruses and bacteria. This development comes as no surprise after the corona pandemic, but it is still worth mentioning. It shows that lighting is capable of much more than just its primary function.

3. Acoustic version

Strangely enough, the third trend has little to do with light, and all the more with sound. But it matches with the developments within our industry. Lighting is increasingly fulfilling secondary functions, and soundproofing is one of them.

Nowadays you see more and more pendant fixtures with acoustic panels that have a dampening effect on the ambient noise. This effect is not that big, but every bit helps. These panels are also included in our Unlumited Studio Range fixtures. You can even adjust the color of these panels, so that it matches the atmosphere of the room. Because acoustics is much more than just sound.

Want to know more about the developments within our industry? There’s nothing we like more than talking about our passion, so feel free to contact us!

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