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We’ve talked about the patents Clear uses in its contour lighting a few weeks ago. Three of these are used to make their products waterproof. And we mean truly waterproof. So waterproof that you can actually install them underwater, for example in a private swimming pool.

This project is a typical case of pictures being worth a thousand words. The installation and realization of this project were in the hands of Axioma Lighting and DM Elektro. For the swimming pool we supplied them with custom light lines from Clear that carry an IP68 rating for use underwater. The light lines are also suitable for chlorinated water. Quite essential for a swimming pool.

Axioma is known as an expert in outdoor lighting. They have been trained by us to use the products that Clear offers and are therefore the ideal partner for the Belgian market when it comes to contour lighting. The result speaks for itself. We are very happy to have have such strong relations with our partners. This results in projects (and pictures) to be proud of.

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