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We’ve talked about human centric lighting before and we will talk about it again in the future, because it IS the future. For now, we’d like to show you what it looks like in practice. We were recently asked to provide a lighting solution for a luxurious residence. What better way to showcase human centric lighting than in someone’s personal home.

The request was ‘simple’ enough: come up with a solution so that all the lights in four different rooms can be automated or controlled with the press of a button, all at once or separately. The four rooms in question are the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway.

What’s the occasion?

Now we could have added a few simple non-tunable lights here and called it a day, but that would severely limit our client’s options. What if they wanted to have a few drinks in the kitchen. Coincidentally, they have a small bar there. Cool kitchen lighting is great for preparing and cooking food, but it’s not the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to have a few drinks after dinner.

Our client also works night shifts, so his day and night cycle differs from most people. When he wakes up it’s dark outside and when he goes to sleep, it’s still in broad daylight. Having the option to adjust the lighting to his own biorhythm is essential.

Better than a cup of coffee

When his day starts, the first thing he does is set the light temperature to 6500 Kelvin, the equivalent of daylight. Forget coffee, that’s what really gets him going.

We are used to working with architects, so we know the value of designer products. That’s why we installed our Luxento fixtures in each of the four rooms. Black ones in the kitchen and white ones in the living room to complement the beautiful white ceiling. We also added a few tiltable fixtures, allowing our client to create custom spotlights in his house.

The fixtures are all connected to our Zen-Lite control system, so they can be controlled via an app or through remote switches. We also programmed a few custom scenes to choose from, to change the atmosphere of the entire ground floor with the press of a button. Anyone can use it. And they should, because lighting is deeply personal.

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