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Putting the ‘custom’ in customers

We believe in the power of artificial light. Even if you can’t directly see it, artificial light shapes the way people perceive their surroundings. And it’s everywhere: at work, at home, in stores, restaurants. We put this light to work with our innovative products and services. Because if lighting determines how your customers see the world, then they deserve world-class innovative lighting solutions.

We solve lighting problems because lighting should never be an afterthought. To us, this goes without saying. But it still needs to be said, because not everyone gets it.  When you design a building, lighting is a vital part of its architecture. An essential part of its very creation or redesign.

Innovative lighting solutions

We see artificial lighting as an art form. And each building we help design is a painting in itself. At Unlumited, we give you the tools to shape that painting. These include several high-quality fixtures and contour lighting, combined with advanced control solutions. The result? Unique, innovative lighting solutions specifically tailored to your customers’ needs.

Today we would like to discuss one customer in particular. We are working with a client to provide custom innovative lighting solutions for a funeral home. The building consists of several rooms, one of which can be divided into several parts, for example two large parts or one larger and one small. Each of these rooms may require different lighting configurations and can be changed on the spot, wireless and individually. Different situations ask for different configurations. During services the lights may need to be dimmed, but they can easily be turned back up for ‘coffee and cake’.

Smart lighting solutions

To give employees of the funeral home full control over these configurations, we integrated more than a hundred wireless Bluetooth, low energy drivers, using our own Zen-Lite technology. The Zen-Lite app offers complete control over each separate driver. Putting them into different groups allows for different configurations. Common configurations can be saved and are available from several wall switches throughout the funeral home.

With these smart innovative lighting, the funeral home is able to fully perform its function. As for the design our client went for our Musa fixtures. Each fixture has a designer ring that lights up and is equipped with a special LED engine that extends the lifespan of the product.

Unlimited lighting solutions

The case above is just one example of how we come up with unique, innovative lighting solutions for our clients. Each building and customer requires a different approach. An office benefits from bright white light, a restaurant’s atmosphere is better served by warmer, dimmed lighting. Our LED driven products and control solutions allow for both, because they can be tailored to each situation. In short: we put the ‘custom’ in customer.

We can provide solutions to all your lighting needs,
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