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Bluetooth: The smartest choice for smart lighting solutions

We foresee a future where all lighting is smart, or at least capable of becoming smart. That’s were we come in. Unlumited offers smart control solutions to make your customers’ lighting future-proof, using the best Bluetooth technology available. Here’s why we believe Bluetooth is the smartest way forward.

Picture a large office or school building for a second. You don’t have to be an expert to guess how many fixtures have to be installed in such a large space. Spoilers: a lot. If you want to have quick and easy control over all these lights, Bluetooth is your best option.

Zen-Lite control solution

The so called Bluetooth Mesh standard we use in our Zen-Lite control solution gives your customers even greater control over their lighting system. This new technology makes it possible for countless Bluetooth equipped lights to communicate with each other.

Unlike with a WiFi based control system, there is no need for a router or hub that every light has to connect to. Our Bluetooth equipped fixtures show up automatically in the Zen-Lite app. This makes the set-up process much easier and faster. Compare that to having to connect hundreds or thousands of lights separately.

Faster and better lighting systems through Bluetooth

Or imagine having connection problems. WiFi based systems are dependent on a working internet connection. Without it, there’s no way to control your lighting system. With our Bluetooth based technology there is no such single point of failure, which means your system will remain both operational and accessible.

Bluetooth is also much faster and more secure. WiFi has many applications, but it’s not well suited for situations where a large number of connected lights have to share a relatively small space. And speed is key in lighting control solutions. Your customer’s lighting system needs to respond immediately to their needs.

Case in point

With our Zen-Lite solution your customers get full control. Our system is scalable and we can easily equip existing fixtures with smart technology.  In fact, that’s exactly what we did for one of our clients, who was tasked with upgrading the single colour lighting in the Marcanti College in Amsterdam. The customer wanted to add LED lighting and multiple colours to the existing fixtures, but did not allow the on/off installation or cabling to be altered.

Our Zen-Lite system is perfect for this kind of challenge. We added two separate Bluetooth drivers to all of the fixtures, one for single colour and the other for multi-colour. By doing so we created a wireless control solution that bypasses the existing cabling completely and adds smart functionality. The system now allows for both manual and scheduled control, providing the Marcanti College the dynamic capabilities they were looking for.

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