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Coming up with innovative, high quality and long lasting lighting solutions is what we do and love. We can’t expert everyone else to be as passionate about artificial light as we are, but sometimes the opposite seems to be the case. Sometimes people don’t think about lighting at all. Today we’d like to make our case as to why it should never be an afterthought.

Don’t get us wrong. We understand why it happens. Designing and building or renovating a business space is expensive, be it an office or a restaurant. Creating the most suitable lighting solution won’t be the first thing on the client’s mind, so it makes sense that it doesn’t get a lot of attention. At some point you do need to add or replace the fixtures, contour lighting and so on, but then it’s probably already too late to match the lighting to the desired purpose of a business space. And if not, there might not be any budget left to invest in a proper lighting solution.

Below standard LED

Again, we get it. But lighting isn’t just functional in the sense that it either works or doesn’t work. There’s so much more nuance to it. You need a certain amount of indirect lighting in addition to direct lighting, it needs to be the right temperature, there shouldn’t be any screen glare and you have to make sure people in the business space aren’t being blinded by the light. Standard LED panels rarely meet all, if any of these requirements. And that’s a problem.

Not just because we care about lighting, but because bad lighting can have adverse effects on things like productivity, which tends to be very important for a business. Or what about atmosphere in a restaurant. Imagine the negative impact of lighting that doesn’t complement the food and drinks which are being served, but instead leaves some guests in the dark, quite literally.

One-stop or retro-fitted solutions

Fixing or preventing these problems doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer one-stop solutions if the lighting has to be implemented from the ground up, but we can also retro-fit our technology into existing fixtures and contour lighting. Using our Zen-Lite control solution, we can integrate new and old lighting into one system, which can be customized to perfectly fit the functions of a client’s business space.

We didn’t say functions by accident. A space may serve multiple purposes. An office is not just for work, as people use it to eat lunch as well, and to have meetings and perhaps parties. That’s why human centric lighting is so important. Maybe you’ve read about it already in one of our previous blogs. We see it as the next step in artificial lighting. Not just because it replicates the positive effects of daylight, but because it supports the belief that lighting is very personal.

The ‘human’ in human centric lighting

That’s why it’s called human centric lighting. The ‘human’ part is crucial. Ideally, every person using a space should be able to create a custom lighting configuration that fits their wants and needs.

We’d love to see a world where that level of attention to lighting is commonplace. And we believe now is the perfect time to give some extra thought to it. People are slowly returning to offices, restaurants, schools and so on, after getting a first hand experience with what it’s like to have their ‘personal’ lighting.

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