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Do we even have to say more? Just look at this work of art. The Greek goddess of the sea, Amphitrite, accompanied by her son Tritton and a dolphin.

Our partner Rots Maatwerk had the honor to realize an elegant and durable lighting solution for the fountain accompanying the family of statues. And it was our pleasure to deliver the contour lighting that was chosen for the project.

37 meters of silicone light line by Clear Lighting were used (type F22, in blue). The deep blue color really accentuates the nautical importance of the statues. This piece of art was made by the artist Albert Termote, commissioned as part of celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary of the KNSM (The Royal Dutch Steamboat Company).

The light lines have a IP68 waterproof rating, making them suitable for prolonged use underwater. To create a durable lighting solution with as little hindrance for the environment as possible, a version with low energy usage of 9 Watt/m was chosen.

Thanks to the expert installation by Rots Maatwerk, the Amphitrite statues will continue to play an important role in the street scene of Amsterdam, highlighting the history and origin of the KNSM-island.

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