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Unlumited’s lighting fixtures fall under our Luxento range. These products offer premium quality, long lifespan and quality components. The Luxento brand represents custom configurable products, creating the best possible match between the application’s functionalities and the user’s wishes. When combined with Zen-Lite controls, their functionality can be extended, offering additional comfort, energy saving and dynamic lighting.

Built to last

Illumination is a key element in life. Its basic function is to provide visibility when there is insufficient daylight, making reliability a key feature. LED technology has the potential to be reliable and long lasting, but only quality products will fulfil these expectations. There are various LED technologies that perform differently based on their applications and circumstances. Luxento products consist of matched premium components that complement each other. This leads to exceptional performance, reliability and lifespan, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO); the outstanding results and reports based on extensive testing back this up – we don’t only say so, we make it happen!

Dynamic lighting solutions

Unlumited’s dynamic lighting is inspired by the daylight’s dynamics and positive influence. A successful lighting solution goes beyond providing visibility. Think of the positive effects and dynamics of sunlight, for example; lighting influences our well-being, mood and productivity – benefiting everyone who is exposed to it. Lighting can also make applications more versatile and more efficient. It can even set totally different scenes during the day, for instance to attract (potential) customers.

Dynamic lighting solutions are able to adapt to specific applications, circumstances and preferences. They can artificially recreate the positive elements and dynamics of daylight.

Depending on the application, the desired light intensity and atmosphere will be different. Dynamic lighting solutions provide flexibility, making spaces more versatile and optimisable for different functions, such as office work, meetings or presentations. Instead of compromising one or multiple functions, it is easy to adapt and optimise the light setting and experience.

Human Centric Lighting: offices and healthcare

Extensive periods of exposition to static lighting, such as in office or healthcare circumstances, has proven to be a disturbance to our bodies. Daylight is the best remedy, but is not always (sufficiently) present. An addition or alternative is to re-enact the natural flow of daylight to which the human body has adapted over time. The latest lighting developments include Human Centric Lighting (HCL), combining lighting and control technology to recreate the positive effects of daylight – increasing comfort, productivity and positively influencing the biological body functions. It helps reducing slow start-ups, after-lunch dips and even prepares the body to start relaxing towards the end of the day.

Enhancing atmosphere: Hospitality

Similar technology is applied to set the scene in a bar or restaurant; an active atmosphere during the day, attracting business people and flex workers, and relaxed mood lighting for leisure during the evening. The light can change the scene and mood setting by the push of a button or it can be fully automated.


Extensive options, user friendly, reliable and accessible for both new building and renovation projects: control technology that meets the capabilities of dynamic lighting is at least as important. Our dynamic lighting controls, Zen-Lite, offer the users extensive functionality, including energy reduction, maximum comfort and improved safety, all with the ease of a single button press.

When offering an application and user-focused lighting solution, every element matters!

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