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Customer: Axioma
Project: Bergingsvijver ROC van Twente
Products: Clear contour lighting

Together with our partner Axioma Lighting Nederland, we provided a fitting and lasting lighting solution for the pond next to the ROC of Twente in Hengelo. Morssinkhof Infra provided the long prefab concrete sitting elements, which have a specially designed slot for our Clear-branded LED lines to fit into.

Our expertise in lighting helped us come up with a solution that was both easy and cost efficient to install. Everything was tailor made and ready to be plugged in. The LED lines can also be replaced quite easily, should they stop working at some point, without the need to change the entire installation.

The result is a spectacular blue hue that accentuates the water pond in front of the ROC-building. The pond acts as a reservoir for the rainwater that the ROC has to drain. By using a storage pond, there’s no need to further burden the sewer system. The water flows away slowy, to the Berflobeek.

These kinds of solutions have a special place in our heart. Sustainability is high on our agenda, so we love to collaborate with partners who share those principles. You can check out the amazing end result below.

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