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Customer: Inizio
Project: Erp Trading
Products: Zen-Lite, Musa, Coveflex.

The new office building of ERP Trading B.V. has a clean yet bold industrial look. But that doesn’t rule out having a nice ambiance for having parties or a nice day of networking. Thanks to our easy to install and even easier to use Zen-Lite control solution, switching between scenes is just a matter of pressing a button.

Van Erp had a clear and strong wish: make the lighting as easy to use as possible, but don’t compromise on the look and feel of the building. Working together with designer Gert-Jan Plaisier of Inizio Creative Lighting Solutions and GP Installaties, we designed a control solution that fit the needs of the client. And of the building itself.

The lighting in the building is created by several different light sources, including wall and pendant fixtures alongside multi-colored LED strips. Thanks to motion sensors in the offices, hallways and canteen, no energy is being wasted. Everything functions automatically within a single system.

Naturally, our Zen-Lite solution also allows for manual control. Our client’s needs shift from hour to hour, day to day, week to week and so on. A presentation scene can be changed back into an office ambiance or vice versa via the press of a button. And then there’s the chill room, the pride of this project.

This room is divided into three zones. Only the ones that are in use will have their lights switched on. There’s a control panel on the wall to quickly set the mood and switch between the available scenes: meeting room, brainstorm session, networking event, friday afternoon drinks, you name it.

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