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Sometimes we wonder if the name UNLUMITED Lighting Solutions may be a bit much. There is of course a very practical limit to the number of solutions we can offer. And are we allowed to call them solutions if we mainly design and produce fixtures that are then used by installers and light architects. Shouldn’t we just call them products then? But then we get a challenging case like this one and those doubts quickly disappear.

Every now and then you encounter certain ‘challenges’ in projects, such as when there is already an existing lighting solution that no longer functions properly. That is exactly what happened with a project in Zwolle that we did together with our client RV Style. It concerned the contour lighting for a private swimming pool in a newly built house. Before construction was even completed, the previously installed lighting turned out to be defective.

RV Style was asked to come up with a solution for this and decided to contact us. Because the construction process was already at an advanced stage, the existing layout and connections had to be considered. Unfortunately, those circumstances were not optimal. But these conditions are precisely the moments where we can truly shine. That’s when the advantage of being flexible and being able to offer custom solutions really shows its worth.

Flexglo RGBW

Through close collaboration with RV Style and Domotica Design, we devised a replacement lighting solution, with Flexglo contour lighting in RGBW, the most option. This allows for longer lengths to be covered. In addition, this product is resistant to chlorine vapours, among other things. The contour lighting was completely custom-made to guarantee watertightness (IP68) and to prevent visible transitions between the different parts.

To install the new solution, RV Style and Domotica Design didn’t have to make large adjustments to the existing infrastructure. The costs for reinstalling the lighting were limited and the existing control solution did not have to be replaced. As a finishing touch, the profiles were powdercoated in black at the request of the end user, so that they stand out as little as possible

The result is as beautiful as it is functional: cove lighting above a private swimming pool in a luxury home, equipped with a total of 38 meters of F22 Flexglo RGBW. The Flexglo is IP68 water and vapor proof and made of silicone to ensure a long lifespan. The contour lighting can be set in any desired light color, or in a beautiful warm white of 2700K.

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