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Renovation is rarely a once in a lifespan ordeal. It happens every so often, because not everything breaks or becomes obsolete at the same time. This is especially the case inside the walls of a hospital. You can’t simply close down entire floors of the building in order to renovate. It must be done with minimal intrusion to the day-to-day life for patients and staff.

A few years ago we worked together with our partner INIZIO to replace the fixtures in the ‘de magistrale’, the name given to the corridors of the hospital that connect all the different wings and clinics of the hospital. Back then, we removed all the fluorescent lighting and installed LED-driven Avalon Rondo-fixtures with an automated day-night cycle.

Replace, but not erase

More recently, INIZIO was asked to come up with a solution for a large number of fixtures that were using outdated and energy consuming lighting technology. The ‘insides’ had to be replaced, but the hospital wanted to keep the fixture itself intact, because of its beautiful glass hood.

Together with INIZIO, we designed an elegant solution. We stripped all the innards from our UNLUMITED Manta and supplied the technical staff of the hospital with all the necessary parts and information to place these new LED drivers within the current lighting solution.

By combining our new technology with the existing fixtures, we managed to minimize the necessary waste disposal to just the old fluorescent lamps and existing control solution.

There was no need to get rid of the metal fixtures and glass casing, so we didn’t. Thanks to the new drivers, we could even add a daylight sensor to the existing solution, allowing for even more energy savings on top of the upgrade from fluorescent to LED lighting.

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