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Customer: INIZIO Creative Lighting Solutions
Project: Visser Techniek, Rotterdam
Products: Luxento Logo and Zen-Lite controls.

Our dynamic Luxento lighting always creates the right atmosphere. Cool or warm, relaxed or active, fit for a meeting or a party. You name it, we create it. Or you can set the mood yourself with our easy to use Zen-Lite controls.

The customer has applied LED strips in RGBW (Red, green, blue and warm white) and our Downlights Luxento Logo Tunable White. All the lighting can be easily controlled via a wall control panel. The customer can adjust the setting to their desired preset with the touch of a button. The dynamic lights always create the right atmosphere, be it cool or warm, relaxed or active. Our control solutions also allow for presets that are tailored to activities: a meeting, an office lunch, a party.

Sensors have been installed for maximum energy savings. The lights will automatically go out when nobody’s there. That’s the power and beauty of Zen-Lite. All the lighting can be linked together and controlled automatically, but the end user can also easily adjust it to their own liking.

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