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Customer: Inizio
Project: Kaat Mossel
Products: Musa

The lights are back on at Kaat Mossel in Rotterdam. After a devastating fire forced the restaurant to close at the start of 2020, owners Ron and Marie-Claire Hirt had to rebuild the entire place. Unlumited provided ready-to-use fixtures that matched the new style they were going for. 

Inizio Creative Lighting Solutions partnered with us create a fitting solution for the ‘new’ restaurant, Kaat Mossel 2.0. A key factor in that solution is our Musa series.

Clients can mix and match to create a custom fixture that is tailored to their preferences. The owners of Kaat Mossel chose a combination of black and gold, which makes their eating area appear both luxurious and warm.

No assembly required

Inizio CLS came to us with a few requirements. All our products had to be compatible with their preferred control system (which runs on Dali). They also provided the necessary lighting output and color temperature to best match the ambiance of the restaurant.

We took these requirements into account and provided the client with a ready-to-use solution. You can see the result of our collaboration with Inizio below. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for innovative lighting solutions.

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