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Customer: Not applicable
Project: Private residence
Products: Luxento Musa and Zen-Lite

Our Musa range is a decorative series that fits many purposes. It allows for both atmospheric and functional lighting. You can mix and match our Musa products to fit your different needs, without losing that same look and feel.

The Musa series is a decorative series that fits many projects. It is a customized product that can be put together according tot the customer’s wishes. The lighting can be atmospheric, functional or dynamic. For example, a mix of downlights with build-up versions and shuttled variants are all possible within the same product range. That way everything has the same look and feel.

In this case we needed dynamic lighting, so the end user would have full control over the atmosphere and colour. Thanks to our Zen-Lite controls, the user can create and set their own desired presets, be it with simple wall panels or a remote control. Everything works together and the steering is integrated into all of the fixtures. No change to the existing wiring was required.

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