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Customer: Kroone Lighting
Project: Marcanti college, Amsterdam
Products: Zen-Lite

Adding LED-lighting and decorative colour lighting to existing fixtures without changing the wiring is quite the challenge. But we did it thanks to our fully wireless and highly adaptable Zen-Lite control system. We kept the amount of necessary work and costs down, but still created a highly customizable and scalable

This project turned out to be quite a challenge. The customer was keen on keeping their existing fixtures, but they had to be improved to allow for LED-driven decorative colour lighting. All of the fixtures were already mounted and we couldn’t change the wiring.

The customer couldn’t find an operating system that was up to the task. Our Zen-Lite controls did offer a solution, because our system allows for the integration of different brands and drivers.

We integrated both the functional and decorative lighting without rigorous renovation work. Minimal work, limited costs, but extensive control options. The system is also scalable, should the school choose to expand.

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