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Customer: Rots Maatwerk
Project: Steenbergen
Products: Clear contour lighting

We’re proud of all our projects, but when our work is on full display, well, that just makes us even more proud. That’s why we absolutely loved our collaboration with Rots Maatwerk. Together we’ve successfully renovated the LED strips at ‘De Kade’ in Steenbergen.

The renovation included replacing 165 m2 of LED strips. The old strips were already starting to malfunction, leading to dark spots and uneven lighting output. Together with Rots Maatwerk, we went to visit the location to determine the best solution for these LED strips. It had to be pretty, but also long lasting. We came up with a sustainable solution.

Our job was to configure the new LED strips so that they could be installed in the existing profiles. By doing so, we managed to keep the installation as non-invasive as possible.

We were happy to work with Rots Maatwerk, combining our expertise in lighting with theirs in installation. Their motto is: let’s make the city more beautiful. We’re glad to have helped make that happen. You can see the results of our collaboration below!

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