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In our custom configurable product combinations, every element matters. That is why we offer you application-focused, quality lighting brands through our qualified dealer network. We give you access to a wide range of innovative and expertly designed products that are perfectly matched for your desired application. From the tiniest plug to the warmest light, our attention to the details of your lighting solution knows no limits: we are Unlumited!

Unlumited’s lighting fixtures fall under our Luxento range. These products offer premium quality, long lifespan and quality components. The Luxento brand represents custom configurable products, creating the best possible match between the application’s functionalities and the user’s wishes. When combined with Zen-Lite controls, their functionality can be extended, offering additional comfort, energy saving and dynamic lighting.

Do you want to illuminate the lines of your imagination? Do you want to accentuate architectural shapes or add new dimensions to an object, raising the atmosphere or experience to a higher level? Unlumited’s contour lighting solutions know no limits – whether you need underwater lighting or façade lighting for extreme outdoor conditions.

Great design deserves a fitting solution, one that brings the idea to life just like you or your client imagined it. We design and assemble our own fixtures and work together with trusted manufacturers to offer best-in-class contour lighting. We’re not going to say that one of our brands will always be a natural fit for your desired solution. Our promise is a bit different.

As lighting solutions gain more and more functionalities, control becomes increasingly important. Lighting quality, dimming capabilities and life span all depend on the quality and stability of the power that is supplied to your light fixtures. But the resulting installation and interoperability challenges are only worrisome if you are not familiar with Zen-Lite.

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