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 Do you want to illuminate the lines of your imagination? Do you want to accentuate architectural shapes or add new dimensions to an object, raising the atmosphere or experience to a higher level? Unlumited’s contour lighting solutions know no limits – whether you need underwater lighting or façade lighting for extreme outdoor conditions.

Our LED lighting products offer plenty of room to get creative: to increase their range of applications and create new lighting shapes, colors and even new light flows. Restrictions used to be based on the limits of the product, but now the only limit left is your imagination.

Subtle or extravagant? Static or dynamic? Accentuating or eye-catching? When it comes to the dimensions and effects that need light to come to life, the decision is yours!

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100% monochromatic light output? Different shades of white? Color? Multicolor LED lines? Should it be suitable for indoor applications? Outdoor? Or underwater? Whatever application you think of, we will make it happen!

To develop applications that do justice to quality products, Unlumited is a proud partner of Clear lighting, leading supplier of premium light lines for the most demanding applications: they provide maximum reliability, a long life span and a range of options that is unheard of.

An extravagant lighting solution, enhances supreme residential tranquility for the luxury marine sector. The requirements to cater for a multitude of interior and exterior based projects on yachts can be a challenge considering the environment.

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If you need some extra inspiration, flip through the CLEAR catalog below or you can download the catalog by clicking the button.

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