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As lighting solutions gain more and more functionalities, control becomes increasingly important. Lighting quality, dimming capabilities and life span all depend on the quality and stability of the power that is supplied to your light fixtures. But the resulting installation and interoperability challenges are only worrisome if you are not familiar with Zen-Lite.


Unlumited’s control solutions belong to our Zen-Lite range. The vision behind these products is to increase lighting control quality and functionalities; to overcome rewiring challenges, and to improve both the user experience and the interoperability between different control protocols and brands.

Quality lighting control is key to benefit from the life span that quality fixtures have to offer, to maximise their efficacy, to minimise or eliminate flicker and to enjoy all their possible functionalities. Zen-Lite offers a control solution for all dimmable light fixtures and creates a connection between them.

This is a scalable system that can easily be equipped with additional energy saving solutions, such as sensors, automated scheduling and more. You only need a single setup and the Zen-Lite app to enjoy the ease of control – whether it’s the automated, sensor-based switching of lights or simply the ease of pressing a button.

The wireless system is suitable for new building and renovation projects, without compromising reliability. The Bluetooth mesh network is an autonomous system: it does not require the expensive access points that make the entire system inoperable if they fail – even if a single power line would break, the rest will keep working.

Because the Zen-Lite range covers all the common dimming protocols, nearly all light fixtures can be controlled from within a single system. As this will be operated by the user rather than the installer or programmer, it is the user who decides how to set up the custom configurable system.

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