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Great design deserves a fitting solution, one that brings the idea to life just like you or your client imagined it.

We design and assemble our own fixtures and work together with trusted manufacturers to offer best-in-class contour lighting. We’re not going to say that one of our brands will always be a natural fit for your desired solution. Our promise is a bit different.

Tell us your idea and we’ll make sure it fits. Whatever the request, we’ll deliver a custom solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Our products are highly customizable and we love nothing more than tinkering with lighting to create the perfect fit. Looking for a unique casing? In need of a tailor made light scene? Name it and we’ll make it happen.

By working closely together with experts within the industry we can provide an almost unlimited number of solutions. But light is in the eye of the beholder. There is only one lighting solution and that is the one you perceive to be perfect.

Design Luce

Design Luce was established in Florence in 2000, combining versatility with unmistakable elegance that speaks the language of Made in Italy ever since. One needs a product of excellence; functional but elegant, specific and refined.

In collaboration with local designers and architects, as well as the local university, design and technology is forged into hand and tailor made products. Fitting the customer’s needs, just like a haute couture suit. The challenge is to succeed in hiding all technicalities, obtaining an aesthetic as abstract and minimal as possible.

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The finishes of the profiles combine functionality and elegance. Black is not the only color used: alternatively we find numerous shades, some classic and sophisticated such as white and grays, others decidedly more particular such as gold. The choice is wide and underlines the constant desire to offer design products that are perfectly adaptable to any environment.

All the profiles produced are in extruded aluminum and have been designed in order to ensure optimal dissipation of the heat generated by the light source. 100% Italian aluminum thickness> 1.5 mm = Optimal heat dissipation = Long duration of the light source.

Unlumited Studio Range

Born within the UNLUMITED innovation team, the studio range truly defines what Lighting, Your way stands for. Numerous tailor-made shapes and configuration options provide the tools to enable designers to realize their vision. Low key or eye-catching colors, combinable with numerous acoustic inlays to merge aesthetics and functionality.

Forget about compromising or choosing; simply creating you own; Start creating!

Product Portfolio


Ø600mm / Ø800mm / Ø1000mm / Ø1200mm
Ø1500mm / Ø1800mm / Ø2000mm


Length = 1200x65mm


670x670mm / 950x950mm


600x600mm / 880x880mm


Ø400mm / Ø600mm / Ø800mm

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If you need some extra inspiration, flip through the catalog below or you can download the catalog by clicking the download-button.

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